Autographs and Cards for Sale in Palco, KS

Nice shape lighted miller mirror beer sign works and is really neat lighted up. Made in 1982. 17"x21"
67-68 Jim Hegan and Jack Parks double header baseball card
Selling a Pair of wine decanters covered with woven plastic lanyard.Each is empty.has lids and caps.For collectible purposes only.1st decanter measures approx 16" tall.2nd decanter measures approx 15" tall.Both in very good used condition, and both have wooden bottoms.Add to your collection.
Rough count of 250 hockey collector cards. All for $30
I have roughly over 300 football cards for sale a lot of big star players from the upper 1980's, 1990's, and maybe a few from the early 2000's. Selling all for $60
Basketball cards rough total of 400 cards. get them all for $80. A lot of big star players. years are 1970's, 1980's and 1990's. A few special edition cards.
Soccer Neon Sign.Series 2610 Date, 0707Evertron USA, Everbrite Electronics.Measures approx 2 foot X 20 1/2" including frame.The lighting itself is broke and missing, not sure how long the section needs to be replaced. Needs to be repaired. The switch does work. Other than the tube lighting, it is in really good condition. Graphics are real good.E mail with any questions.
Selling 4 Phillipsburg, KS Boyce Museum Photo/post cards.Biyce Rock Garden & Museum Jesse W. Boyce, owner.Originally started in 1938, little city made from stones and bottle caps.Contains rocks & fossils from all parts of the world.I don't know if this still exists or not.Thought this would be a great part of Phillipsburg history.Good used condition.
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